Friday, 22 January 2010

Wake me up in 14 hours

Well here I am again in the Air New Zealand lounge in Auckland airport. In case you’re wondering, they still haven’t cleaned the showers from last time I was here three weeks ago. Again, I’ve drank my body weight in L&P. This time there was an added bonus – a free massage. I choose the foot reflexology. I’m all relaxed now, save for my banging headache (can you believe this airport doesn’t sell over the counter headache pills airside?).

Anyhow, a 14 hour, 7000 odd mile flight awaits me. I think I’ll have dinner, watch a movie then grab a nice long sleep (have I mentioned how comfy the beds are on NZ?)

Destination – Vancouver!


Ellen said...

Vancouver next? Cool. I am jealous of the trip to NZ and now Vancouver--how fabulous. I look forward to the next post from Canada.

Andy's Life said...

Hope you have a fun and safe trip.

BosGuy said...

I'm envious of your travels! I hope you can enjoy yourself while you visit these places.